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World Water Day 2016


Why a World Water Day?

World Water Day is an international observance and an opportunity to learn more about water related issues, be inspired to tell others and take action to make a difference. World Water Day dates back to the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development where an international observance for water was recommended. The United Nations General Assembly responded by designating 22 March 1993 as the first World Water Day. It has been held annually since then. Each year, UN-Water — the entity that coordinates the UN’s work on water and sanitation — sets a theme for World Water Day corresponding to a current or future challenge. The engagement campaign is coordinated by one or several of the UN-Water Members with a related mandate.


World Environment Day 2016



World Environment Day is an important day in the calendar of the United Nations. It is one of the avenues the United Nations uses to advocate for environmental protection and call for political action on the same. This important day helps to promote the ways that can be adopted to improve the environment, for instance investing in more forest cover. The celebration or observance is held on 5th June every year. There is an immense disparity in the way this crucial day is celebrated in different countries. Among these ways include street rallies, parades, tree planting, concerts and environment cleanup campaigns. In countries such as the UK and the United States, this day is used to call on the political class to up their game and take serious action towards improving the environment. This day, otherwise known as observance in the United Nations Circles, offers an opportunity to ratify or even sign international environmental conservations. While this day is celebrated worldwide, the United Nations World Environment day is not a public holiday, and celebrating it will not impair on the daily running/operations of businesses.


The World Environment Day was established by the UN general assembly as a unique way of marking the UN General Assembly conference that was held in   Stockholm, Sweden in 1972. In this same meeting,   another resolution was adopted – which led to the formation of the UNEP. This day is held all over the world, and it is commemorated on June 5th every year. Expositions are held throughout the week leading up to June 5th.

Symbols Associated With UN World Environment Day

The main symbols of this celebration are natural colors. These colors depict nature, the earth, and the natural resources that are found therein. More often, some of these colors are blue, green, and natural brown. Images that depict natural earth is unpolluted rivers, clean beaches, snowy mountains, natural flora and fauna and many more.  One or several of these images can be used to promote campaigns that support the day.

Theme of the UN Environment Day

Every year, the  Environment Program of the United States develops a theme which is used globally  to raise awareness  and galvanize  support from governments, organizations, and individuals from all over the world. The message is intended to ask all  concerned persons to focus more on the threats that the  environment faces globally and think of ways that can help to resolve these threats. The theme for 2015 was “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care”. This will also serve as the slogan for the world environmental day 2015. The meaning of this theme  and slogan is that we have seven  continents today with more than seven billion people  combined. And because every human being lives with one dream-live, eat and consume better. Most of the population cares nothing about the environment. One planet to consume with care means that although we have about 7 billion people, we just have one planet that we live and survive. The surface area is limited, shelter and food also limited. If we  continue using the available  natural resources as we  do today, our future generations may be forced to go hungry and without homes. This is why it’s of vital importance to consume whatever food that’s available with care. Stop the wastage and use whatever resource that’s available according to need, not greed.

 The Day’s Anthem

An anthem is provided for the World Environment Day. At the moment, the one in use was composed by Abhay K., who is an Indian poet cum diplomat. This anthem was officially ratified in 2013 and continues to be used to date.

Theme and slogan for 2016

“Join the race to make the world a better place” I the theme and slogan for 2016 UN World Environment day. This slogan carries a clear message and asks everyone to get involved in making the world a better place to live in.

Celebrity Endorsements and Media Campaigns

Celebrities have played an important part of the society for many years now. Celebrities and media personalities have encouraged and put a lot of emphasis on the UN World Environment day. Well, known celebrities such as Gisele Bündchen are known to have to send distress calls to the entire world to come forward, join the team and help fight climate change. Radio and print journalists have also helped in creating awareness campaigns and asking people from all over the world to observe this day and act accordingly. The media personalities provide live coverage and also try reaching the general population through many other methods. In countries  such as New Zealand where this day is marked by pomp and  color, major media outlets  launched a massive campaign that was dubbed “ My Earth, My Duty”  This has been  one of the most successful campaigns to mark  World Environment Day 2015. These media campaigns go a long way in asking for support from everyone to ensure that the world becomes a friendly place. With celebrities and media taking part in sensitization campaigns, there is no doubt that more people could be encouraged  to get out of their homes and provide  help that is aimed  at  ensuring that the  environment is  preserved for the  future generations.

Participations and Effort by Children

In some parts of the world, children are a critical part of celebrating the United Nation Environment Day. In the Nepal Republic, for instance, children and students from grade 1 all the way to a level are requested to attend and actively engage in forestry and related programs in their locality. Also, there are many competitions that are organized by the government and at the end of the week for commemorating the  World Environment Day, rewards are offered to those offered the most to the program.


Earth Day 2016

logo-earthEarth Day 2016 — Trees for the Earth.

Let’s get planting.

Over the next five years, as Earth Day moves closer to its 50th anniversary, we’re calling on you to help us achieve one of our most ambitious goals yet —we’re planting 7.8 billion trees and we’re starting now.

Trees will be the first of five major goals we are undertaking in honor of the five-year countdown to our 50th anniversary. On their own and together, these initiatives will make a significant and measurable impact on the Earth and will serve as the foundation of a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable planet for all.

Why Trees?

Trees help combat climate change.
They absorb excess and harmful CO2 from our atmosphere. In fact, in a single year, an acre of mature trees absorbs the same amount of CO2 produced by driving the average car 26,000 miles.

Trees help us breathe clean air.
Trees absorb odors and pollutant gases (nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and ozone) and filter particulates out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark.

Trees help communities.
Trees help communities achieve long-term economic and environmental sustainability and provide food, energy and income.

Plant a tree. Make a donation. Activate your friends and social networks.

We can do this. #trees4earth

Expo 2017


“Astana EXPO-2017” NC JSC regards corporate governance as a useful tool to increase efficiency and development of “Astana EXPO-2017” NC JSC, to strengthen its reputation, to ensure investor confidence, to enhance the international character of investment and reduce the cost of raising capital.

The corporate management of the “Astana EXPO-2017” NC JSC  is based on fairness, honesty, responsibility, transparency, professionalism, and competence. Effective corporate management structure presupposes respect for the rights and interests of all individuals interested in the “Astana EXPO-2017” NC JSC and contributes to the success of the “Astana EXPO-2017” NC JSC, including an increase in its value and market price, maintenance of financial stability and profitability.

The system of the “Astana EXPO-2017” NC JSC includes:

  1. The Sole Shareholder – the supreme authority;
  2. Board of Directors – the management body which carries out the general management of the “Astana EXPO-2017” NC JSC;
  3. The Management Board – the collective executive body, supervising the daily operations of the Company;
  4. The Internal Audit Service – the body responsible for supervising financial and economic activities of the Company, assessment of internal control and risk management

The Board of Directors determines the strategic objectives and development priorities, establishes the general guidelines of the “Astana EXPO-2017” NC JSC in the long term, and ensures the availability of the necessary financial resources to implement the goals.

The Board of Directors oversees the activities of the Management Board. The Management Board shall carry out the decisions of the Sole Shareholder and Board of Directors. The Management Board has the right to make decisions on any matters of the “Astana EXPO-2017” NC JSC not falling within the competence of other bodies of the “Astana EXPO-2017” NC JSC according to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Charter.

The Board of Directors of the “Astana EXPO-2017” NC JSC  consists of a Chairman of the Board of Directors, his deputies, and other individuals. Determination of the number and term of office of the Board, the size of the salary and terms of remuneration and bonuses to the Chairman and members of the Board, election of Board members, with the exception of the Chairman of the Board, are within the exclusive competence of the Board of Directors.

Clear communication and proper exchange of information between the bodies of the “Astana EXPO-2017” NC JSC is provided by the Corporate Secretary.

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