International Tree Foundation

“A world where trees and forests flourish and where their vital role in supporting life on earth is fully realised and valued.”

Our Mission

By planting, protecting and promoting trees in partnership with local communities we:

  • conserve forests, trees, associated biodiversity and indigenous forestry knowledge
  • alleviate poverty through sustainable use of forests & forest products

The projects we support primarily involve planting trees that provide food and income for local people; in many cases this simultaneously addresses environmental issues such as habitat restoration. There are often also fundamental rights issues involved such as access to ancestral land. In the UK we focus on tree planting where there is an environmental need, often working with schools. See a film about our work here.

The International Tree Foundation (ITF) is a UK registered non-governmental organisation (NGO), it is one of the oldest established forestry organisations in the UK, having originally been set up in 1924. Our Patron is His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.

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